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Personal Information


Media Rings does not trade or sell, barter or give away in any ways its customer information. We may infrequently send special offer updates and promotions.



Payment Information


Media Rings does not handle credit card transactions. Our chosen payment processing providers PayPal and Skrill maintain payment and related credit card information using the latest security technology. It is PayPal and Skrill  who keeps all records of credit card information.





Our website may use cookies to remember and understand your requirements. The short definition is: cookies are simple and short text strings that are harmless and provide useful interaction capabilities for website visitors. Most commonly shopping carts use cookies to remember the user's preferences for a future visit.


The websites operated by Media Rings do not use the type of cookie that would gather certain information related to a user’s online activity on a continuous basis in order to relay that information to any online advertising provider.


You may be wondering:

- How do cookies work? Cookies are short pieces of information stored as text strings on your machine. The website you are visiting sends you a cookie and the browser stores it. The browser then returns the cookie to the website, - in fact to the web server - the next time the page is visited again.

- Can cookies transmit computer malware? No. They are nothing more than text strings.

- Can a website transmit the information stored on my computer with a cookie? No. Cookies are simple text srtings that are unable to execute anything. The very same cookie is being returned to the server that your browser has received in the first place. It is not modified in any way.

- Can I remove cookies from the browser? Yes. It's rather simple however different browsers have their own method of removing personal information. Please consult with the manual of your favourite browser.



How we use your information


Media Rings uses customer information solely for the purpose of managing every day and common interaction with its clients. This may include correspondence, project management and invoicing. Infrequently we may offer product updates and new features or similar. Opt out will always be available on such promotional correspondence.

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